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Coming Soon to a Church Near You cover
Coming Soon to a Church Near You cover

Coming Soon to a church near you

Margaret, vicar in training, lands in a busy rural parish famous for its beautiful church and weddings. Anything but sleepy, the village is teeming with eccentric old ladies, features evil landlords, and a devilishly attractive chauffeur / mechanic / taxi driver who turns up everywhere.

Out of Time cover

Out of Time

When the machine is switched on nothing happens.

Then quite a lot happens. Uninvited guests from two hundred years in the future change everything at the Institute. Holly is put on security detail and gets rather more embroiled in the situation than she intends.

Sway cover


The new CEO of a rising company on the London startup scene, Bridget has several challenges on her hands. Not least handling her maverick, genius-type predecessor, the original founder. Except things aren't quite as they seem and Bridget has some reassessing to do.

Extreme cover


Juliet's work filming watersports events takes her all over the world. A former Olympian turned vanlifer extreme sports enthusiast keeps popping up. Once they agree to work together on a documentary there's no getting away from each other.

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